• Best of the Triangle 2022

    Best of the Triangle 2022

    As many of you like to research the best local places to visit when in convention-mode, The Indy has release its “best of” lists for 2022. Two important bests that are shared here are best restaurant, M Sushi, and best veggie burger, Bull City Burger & Brewery. Both of these establishments are within easy walking […]

  • Promotional Video

    Promotional Video

    If you didn’t attend the Sunday brunch in Minneapolis to view our promotional video, here is your chance. Enjoy, and then register!

  • You Did It!

    You Did It!

    Gratitude goes out to all those who made the launch of Carolina Twirl so successful this past weekend in Minneapolis. Registrations are flying off the shelves — the “Lucky 50” slots are all sold. And the “Convention Special” slots are being grabbed up. Get yours @ $175 until June 15th. Over $2000 was raised at […]

  • Registration Is Open!

    Registration Is Open!

    Go here to get your “Lucky 50′ specially priced $155 tickets for the 2024 IAGSDC convention. First come, first served. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. But you will be able to register at the “Convention Special” rate of $175 for two weeks. REGISTER HERE You’ll be re-directed to the iagsdc.org websiteMake sure to log into […]

  • Get Your Raffle Tickets

    Get Your Raffle Tickets

    At the Minneapolis Convention, 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold to help pay for this “family reunion”in 2024. Bring your cash to the Sunday Brunch to buy our tickets. We’ll be the ones walking in aprons, beautifully modeled by treasurer, Mike Rutkowski. Tickets are priced as follows: $5 – 5 tickets $10 = 12 tickets […]

  • A Logo Is Chosen

    A Logo Is Chosen

    As the 2022 IAGSDC Convention grows closer, an urgency to get the logo selected increases. The neon moon with rainbow twirl emerged as the winner from the four finalists, pictured below. The trees were popular, what with North Carolina being “The Pine State”. Alas, those aren’t pines, but spruces, and they wouldn’t seen around Durham. […]

  • Another Meeting…

    Another Meeting…

    From the Atlantic to Pacific, the committee meets on Zoom and the traffic is terrific. Not pictured: Betsey Tate. Welcome aboard to Mike Rutkowski, treasurer, and Jim Babcock, publicity. Highlights include confirming contracts with venues, hotels, and callers; previewing possible logos; registering through the IAGSDC website; reviewing the budget; selling raffler tickets; staffing the information […]

  • Happy Birthday, City of Durham

    Happy Birthday, City of Durham

    Durham’s official birthdate is April 26, 1853, when the U.S. Post office was established. It was incorporated on April 10, 1869, by the General Assembly. The town was named after Dr. Bartlett Snipes Durham who in the 1840’s offered the N.C. Railroad a four-acre tract of his land to build a station. To recognize his […]

  • A Website Is Born

    A Website Is Born

    Today is Saturday, April 23. In one month, the next IAGSDC Convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is time to get this show on the internet highway. Building this website from scratch. Using the theme “Stewart” in homage to The Square Dance Guru, Stewart Kramer.