Registration Is Open!

Go here to get your “Lucky 50′ specially priced $155 tickets for the 2024 IAGSDC convention. First come, first served. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. But you will be able to register at the “Convention Special” rate of $175 for two weeks.


You’ll be re-directed to the website
Make sure to log into your Member Profile
From the Event Calendar, scroll down to “Carolina Twirl” [Use this link for now]

Electronic (credit card/Paypal) or paper (check/cash) payments are accepted.

Good luck. Register well. Register often!

2 responses to “Registration Is Open!”

  1. I am very confused about how to register. I went to iggy registration and pushed the buttons and it says I am registered but there is nothing else, no way to pay. I clicked on other things and found a fillable form but at the top it says please register at iggy. So I am registered (as I tried it a second time and it told me I was already registered), but how do I pay? Thanks

    • Hi Louise,

      The IAGSDC site can be confusing. We don’t have any control over how it operates; we just list and manage our square dance event on their site and are subject to its quirks as well.

      Once you register, you have to go to “My Registrations” under “Members” in the menu. It will show you that you’ve registered for Carolina Twirl with the option to pay via PayPal or instructions to mail a check. You should also have received an email confirming your registration that also provides these instructions for how to pay.

      Let us know if you still have any issues.

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