Happy Canada Day! See You in Ottawa!

Happy Canada Day, or Dominion Day for you traditionalists, to those who celebrate the union of the four British colonies since 1867. The 2024 “Carolina Twirl” committee is excited to be heading to Ottawa for this year’s IAGSDC convention “Follow Your Northern Neighbour” and celebrating IAGSDC’s milestone and ruby-stone 40th anniversary. Come visit the Carolina Twirl booth on the fourth floor and say hi, y’all.

While you’re there, you will be able to register for convention, purchase merchandise, and sign up for the signature and premium events that have been scheduled, such as the Fun Tour or “A Day in Mayberry” trip to Mount Airy, hometown to Andy Griffith. You can also sign up for any of these right now on the website. Visit the Trading Post to see all our offerings.

Encore, Fête du Canada!

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