The Blue Suitcase Is Passed

Another IAGSDC convention has come and gone, but the wonderful memories will remain in our hearts. Ottawa 2023 hosted one heck of a celebration / family reunion / square dance convention. Thank you!

We also appreciated so many people stopping by our Durham 2024 table and taking the time to register, buy t-shirts, sign-up for tours, or just say hi. Thank you!

As you may know, there were some technological challenges in conducting financial business across the border. As a result, the Pre-Ottawa Registration rate of $220 is being extended to Monday, July 17. Now is your chance to register and save some money. Register on the website and the come back here to book that Fun Badge Tour, a date with lemurs, or a visit with Aunt Bea, among other things whie in North Carolina. Thank you!

Joel Smith and Pam Clasper passed on the Blue Suitcase to Mark Ambrose and Mike Rutkowski at the convention closing. It was a lot lighter than expected. Thank you!

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