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IAGSDC is the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. Founded in 1983, the organization serves a global community of square dancers of all orientations. There are over 50 full member clubs and affiliated organizations located throughout the U.S.A, Canada and Japan. Over the history of the association there have also been clubs in Australia, England, and Denmark, but sadly, those clubs have since disbanded.

Founded as the National Association of Gay/Lesbian Square Dance Clubs in 1983, on Valentine’s Day, at a meeting in Hollywood, Florida. Founding clubs included Mile High Squares (Denver, CO), New Year’s Resolutions (Orange County, CA), Puddletown Squares (Seattle, WA), South Florida Mustangs (Miami, FL), and Western Star Dancers (San Francisco, CA). Harlan Kerr was chosen as the first chairperson.

Over the course of the next year, ten more clubs would join the fledgling association: Capital City Squares (Sacramento, CA ), DC Lambda Squares (Washington DC), Desert Valley Squares (Phoenix, AZ), Emerald City Squares (Seattle, WA), Foggy City Dancers (San Francisco, CA), Midnight Squares (San Francisco, CA), Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus (Denver, CO), Rosetown Ramblers (Portland, OR), Sidewinders (Houston, TX), and the Wilde Bunch (Albuquerque. NM). At the first convention held in 1984, Squares Across The Border (Vancouver, BC) joined the association, and the name was changed to “International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs.”

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