Who’s Who

Caroline Twirl is being hosted by Specialized Square Dance Production Group, Inc.

Betsey Tate
Gary Dougan
Jim Babcock
Mark Ambrose
Michael Levy
Michael Rutkowski
Vickie Pashion

Hotlanta Squares

Betsey has been Square Dancing since 2017 and is a member of Hotlanta Squares in Atlanta Georgia.

Boots in Squares
Rainbow Twirlers

Thirty years giving and receiving yellow rocks, Gary started dancing in 1992 and attended all [real] conventions since Seattle 1993.  He looks forward to his 30th Convention in Durham.  Gary has been a member of Foggy City Dancers, Midnight Squares, Heads to the Center, Boots in Squares and Windmill Twirlers.   He has been active in square dance planning as dance planner for Midnight Squares in the late 90s and early 00s.  He chaired the Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017 convention and also co-chaired an A&C weekend.  He also is the founder of the “Peel Off” series of weekends (“Sierra,” “Redwoods” and “Palm Springs”), producing 13 of their weekends. Gary is excited to bring his experience to the Carolina Twirl organizing committee.  Gary also loves C&W 2-stepping, ballroom and contra dancing. 

He is quoted as saying, “Durham will be magnificent!” 

Times Squares

Jim began square dancing in 2017 with Times Squares. One year later, he was elected to the board of directors and accepted the position of President. He now holds the record for longest serving President, five years consecutively, and has much more grey in his beard.

Jim also serves on the IAGSDC History Project, researching content to preserve our collective history.

Carolina Twirl will be his fourth convention. It should be the sixth but, ya know, COVID-19. Whatcha gonna do?

Grand River Squares

El Camino Reelers

Independence Squares

Mike started dancing in the fall of 1988 and is a founding member of Independence Squares. The club was accepted into membership in the IAGSDC at Peel the Apple in New York in 1989. He served as treasurer for the first two fly-ins and has served in various roles in the club over the years. He is currently chair of the caller liaison committee for Independence Squares.

He retired in 2016 from Rider University, having served as their grants manager. Mike still spends time on campus there as he received both his bachelor’s degree in accounting and his MBA from them. In his spare time, he travels, reads, takes piano lessons, paints, and makes his husband a bit nuts.

Mike will attend his 30th convention in Minneapolis at Twin City Spin, and will receive the coveted 30 year Medallion as recognition of this achievement.

Raleighwood Squares